The term, "scene," is used in several ways.

1. Another word for "subculture" that doesn't sound quite so scientific, allowing it to be used in daily conversation. Used this way it usually has an adjective modifying it: the "indy scene" or the "hardcore scene" or the "emo scene." When someone refers to a particular "scene," they're talking about everything - the people, the places, the fashion, the music, and the trends.

2. A tongue-in-cheek reference to the trends and fashions of the various scenes. Many of these subcultures were built around countercultural ideals and nonconformist attitudes; the fact that trends even exist is humorous irony, and using "scene" as an adjective originally intended to lampoon that.

3. A trend of sorts that evolved from the indy, emo, and hardcore scenes (see the first definition); basically, anything that can be sold at Hot Topic. As events like Warped Tour - and artists like Avril Lavigne - became popular, the trends and fashions of these three scenes (and a few others) were gradually amalgamized and commericalized to create the generic "scene" monkier. Someone who is "scene" generally borrows from the various subcultures and combines them together - you can tell they're part of *a* scene, but no one is quite sure *what* scene. It is important to note that this use of "scene" refers to a fashion trend - it isn't a subculture in its own right, because it has no music, venues, or attitudes of its own to live on after it loses popularity.

4. An ironic insult toward followers of the "scene" trend outlined in 3. Calling someone "scene" brings up images of Avril Lavigne, Hot Topic, Good Charlotte, and, more recently, Myspace; it implies that he or she is a fair-weather fan, conforming to be popular or to fit in. In that sense, it is related to the term poseur. It also implies being more worried about the more visible icons of a particular scene (the fashion and language, for example) than the music that the scene is founded on. Calling someone a scenester basically means the same thing.
1. Atreyu is a relative newcomer to the hardcore scene, but is developing a rabid cult fanbase.

2. Wow... a Thundercats shirt, crotch-hugging faded jeans, and a devilock... how very scene of you. Not to mention your ratty Converse shoes or your Know Your Mushrooms armband.

3. Be more scene. Shop at Hot Topic.

4. Enjoy being scene while it lasts, because Myspace isn't enough to keep it going once the next fad hits.
โดย progamer124 06 สิงหาคม 2005
scene is another word for trendy

no defintion you use could really explain what scene is because scene means THE SCENE and the scene is whats tredny

so scene means nothing other then trendy, theres your simple defintion
wow krista is so scene
โดย l3x13th41 10 มกราคม 2009
Scene kids;

Are faggots who wear massive bows in thier hair.

Love hello kitty and dinosaurs and pokemon and my little pony and anything childish/cartoony.

Post 70000 Myspace buillitens about thier EVERYThing e.g " OMG i hateee my english teacher ! "
" i just ate so much maccas ! im going to bed now ! ILY ALL !

Who use faces like this ^.^ ^_^ on myspace/msn all the time.

Wear way too much eyeliner cause they think it makes them look tough.

Love all the scene bands e.g Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco.

Have hair extensions.

Fake stretchers/piercings.

Don't inhale when they smoke.

They wear those gay as flat shoes with the little bows on them, or rip off connies.

They have shit as scene kid myspace names usually something that has your name, then a word to do with tragedy, terror, doom ect that starts with the same letter. E.g, KirstyKills. FlickFaggot. Sarah-TerrorTrish. Yeah you get it.

They usually have perfect lives but complain about little things, or make things up to seem like they have shit as lives.

One day they're Metro, Next they're Emo.

The spell gay 'ghey' LOL.

They shop at Jay Jays.

They photoshop ALL thier myspace pics.

They type lyrics as thier captions for thier pics on myspace.

They put x's in thier myspace names. eg.


They also talk like fags e.g

" HOMG yuur t0t3zZz mii best fran gurl ! ^.^ "

They are tryhard faggots.
i hate scene kids !

" HOMG. I t0t3z bought these proper pretty bows todaii. ^.^ They're super cute.
โดย JAYDE HATES SCENE KIDS ! 17 สิงหาคม 2008
-band shirts
-skinny jeans
-tight hoodies
-tight shirts
-colored, blonde, red....etc
-long bangs, colored bangs, mullets(kind of)
-eye shadow
-go to hardcore shows
-2-step. pit dance
my girlfriend.

scene kid one: you going to that devil wears prada show.
scene kid two: hell ya it will be STELLAR
โดย Brandon Ailes 16 พฤศจิกายน 2006
scene is a fashion statement. most scene people also try to act hardcore with the keyboard and come at people over the internet. just like all the people cutting down scene people on urbandictionary do. they use this site to come at people. say it to their face. cause its "ommfffggzz sO sCene" to act hardcore with the keyboard. KTHXBAI.
imadouchebagonUD: your a stupid scene fag. im gonna kick your ass.
xXscenesterXx: well your just as scene telling me your gonna kick my ass. stop trying to act all hardcore with the keyboard. who's the scene kid NOW?
imadouchebagonUD: stfu.
xXscenesterXx: oh. that helped. now your even more scene then you were 5 seconds ago.
โดย Lo. 14 กรกฎาคม 2006
Scene kids are a cheaper version of 'emo'.
They compete over who has the tightest jeans.
Both sexes wear neon coloured eyeshadows and big eyeliner.
Scene girls love polka dots, stripes, and checks.
They wear plastic headbands and bows in their hair.
Scene Hair is cut in short, like a mullet, short at the back and long at the front, choppy style with bangs straight across their eyes, or sometimes they just have a side parting with a fringe covering one eye.
They dye their hair obscene colours.
Hair is mostly black. Dark brown is accepted. And platinum blonde.
Random parts of hair are bleached red, pink, blonde, etc.
They wear loads of fake pearls and beads.
Scene guys wear tight ass band t-shirts, mostly of bands no one has heard of, because it makes them look 'original' and 'more scene' then their friends.
Their jeans, named 'skinny jeans', 'tights', 'girl pants', or 'drainpipes', are tighter then the scene girls.
They claim to be 'bisexual', when most of them are lying, because scene girls think it's 'hawt' that they make out with guys.
Stripey fingerless gloves are also in.
They wear bandanas around their neck, in a back pocket, in hair, or covering their lower face.
Every scene kid MUST own a pair of Converse or Vans slip ons because they're 'oldschool'.
Scene kids listen to techno remixes and theme tunes like Pokemon and Powerangers.
Scenekids must have a myspace. They have backgrounds of robots, pirates, dinosaurs, stars, and hearts, because it makes them 'cool'.
They take 1,000 + pictures of themselves. They photoshop their pictures to make them black and white and then they add a caption, and lyrics.
They love internet hearts, '<3'.
They use words/sayings such as: OMFG, rad, sweet, smex, teh sex, dollface, luff, heart.
Made up words are good: 'hella tight', 'prittyhead', 'bootyfull', 'mazing'.
They say: 'OMFGz I'm Lyk Soooo Ugli'. Then they post a bulletin on myspace telling everyone to 'comment their new pictures kthanxbye'. Pictures are of themselves (of course) taken from above, at an angle, or in some form of mirror.
They're often making the 'peace' sign in their pictures, sometimes the 'rock sign', sometimes mouth open in a 'rawr' guesture, mouth twisted to the side, eyes looking to the side as if shocked, hand covering mouth, sometimes they're swearing, because it makes them hardXcore.
They also write 'signs' and take pictures of themselves holding the signs, which will say things like:
'Joey is teh sex! ILYx<3'
They add bands they've never heard of on myspace 'LYK OMFGZZZZZZ YOU GUYS RAWK MY SOCKS I LYK LUFF YOU KTHANXBYE'.
They love to talk 'gangstur'.
'Waddup nigger, omfg, yoo gehy'. After saying this, they claim not to be racist or a homophobe.
Most scene kids claim to be in a band. Some of them are the lead singers/screamers of their band. Bands have ridiculous names such as: 'My Everydying Razorblade Lust'. You get the picture. Long, stupid, pointless names.
Scene kids get offended when they're called 'emo' or 'goth' and they claim: 'Don't label me, I'm not emo or scene k? I'm just me'.
Whatever, you bunch of cuntfucks.
I get labelled as emo and scene all the time, and it pisses me off.
2 scene kids conversation over msn:

(girl)xXx<3IHateLife<3xXx: Lyk woah waddup nigger
(guy)xxx STRAIGHTEDGENowLetsCutOurselvesK?_<3x: Hey cutehead
(girl)xXx<3IHateLife<3xXx: OMFGzzz I'm lyk so hyped bout the Dashboard Confessional gig tonight it's lyk totalli gonna rock
(guy)xxx STRAIGHTEDGENowLetsCutOurselvesK?_<3x: Rad, what are your favourite DC songzs?
(girl)xXx<3IHateLife<3xXx: I've only heard 1.
(guy)xxx STRAIGHTEDGENowLetsCutOurselvesK?_<3x: Kl me 2 i'm so hardXcore lyk that woaaaah

Or another

(guy) CandyXcore xxx: omg i'm lyk so gunna kill myself right now
(guy) I'mxsoxhardcorexRAWR: omg dude why?
(guy) CandyXcore xxx: today this gurl called me an emo fag because she saw the pictures i posted on myspace of me making out with dave
(guy) I'mxsoxhardcorexRAWR: omg, but i made out with dave too and she didn't say anything
(guy) CandyXcore xxx:That's coz i'm more scene then yoo.
(guy) I'mxsoxhardcorexRAWR: wtf i started slitting my wrists way before yoo
(guy) CandyXcore xxx: Yeah but I was straightXedge before you, man
(guy) I'mxsoxhardcorexRAWR: OMFG i'm gunna kill myself too
(guy) CandyXcore xxx: i'm gonna go slit my wrists now, because it will make me look lyk all emotional and then some hawt scene girl might feel sorry for me and make out with me
(guy) I'mxsoxhardcorexRAWR: kthnxbyexxx<333
โดย lykwoah 12 มิถุนายน 2006
Scene girls:
-Listens to hardcore and goes to all the shows
-Any band YOU haven't heared of is cool in her book.
-Cuts her own hair terribly but she likes it that way.
-Always adding new colors to her crazy hair.
-Is original.
-Because it's the "cool" thing.
-Tight clothes.
-Bright colours.
-Simple patterns:stripes,checkers, poka dots,Stars,Zebra...
-Loves to look cheap.
-Plastic jewlery.
-White Studded Belt
-Wears little kid things.
-Little boy things are even better.
-Loves dinosaurs,robots, zombies,unicorns,toy bears...
-Loves murder,blood, death,ambulances,guns...
-Band shirts/sweaters/pins/ keychains/underwear/EVERYTHING
-Straight edge!

Scene boys:
-Listens to hardcore and goes to all the shows
-Any band YOU haven't heared of is cool in his book.
-Cuts his own hair terribly but he likes it that way.
-Always adding new colors to his crazy hair.
-Is original.
-Because it's the "cool" thing.
-Tight clothes.
-White studded belt.
-Bright colours.
-Loves to look cheap.
-Plastic jewlery.
-Bows in hair.
-Wears little kid things.
-Little girl things are even better.
-Loves dinosaurs,robots, zombies,unicorns,toy bears...
-Loves murder,blood, ambulances,guns,bangbang we know..
-Band shirts/sweaters/ pins/keychains/ underwear/EVERYTHING
-People think theyre homosexual.
-But they don't mind.
-Straight edge!
--Emo kid offers scene kid a joint--
Scene kid: Lyyykuh oooh MYY gawwwd EEEEW!! Im StraightEdgeCore!! What are you doing?!
--Stoned Emo kid laughs histericly--
โดย bangbang <3 08 เมษายน 2006
Nut-huggers, jet black hair with possibly a blond or red or blue or some other colored streak with those fucking bangs that hang down over your eyes so no one can see you cry. you like dinosaurs, robots, ninja turtles, zombies, the Goonies, the Power Rangers,a shitload of bracelets and dumbass socks, buying clothes at good will, anything that reminds you of your childhood because life today sucks and your parents are getting divorced and your girlfriend broke up with you. you should all kill yourselves.
i am calling for a scene Holocaust. the complete eradication of juvenile stupidity. the way Darwin would want it. the way Mother Nature would want it. George Carlin said it the best "entirely too many lives are being saved by airbags and batting helmets... think of it as passive eugenics."
โดย MARK P-FUNK 19 มีนาคม 2006


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