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A vegetarian who also eats fish or other seafood. From the latin word for fish: piscis. Also known as a fishetarian.
I'm going pescatarian, since I really like lobster and it's so hard to find protein in vegetables.
โดย Noir 11 กรกฎาคม 2006
Someone who absatins from eating meat and poultry but eats fish.
In other words: A vegetarian that eats fish.
Many people don't beleive pescatarians have a right to say they're vegetarian because fishes are animals and animals have flesh. And if you eat flash you are not a vegetarian
Person A: I don't eat meat.
Person B: You don't?! What about fish and chicken?
Person A: Well, I do eat fish.
Person B: But fish is meat! So you eat meat..
Person A: No I don't eat meat, I just eat fish!
โดย Crystal 30 มีนาคม 2005
Pescatarians are similar to vegetarians. The difference between pescatarians and vegetarians is that pescatarians eat fish and shellfish in addition to an otherwise vegetarian diet. Major vegetarian organizations, including The Vegetarian Society, does not recognize pescatarians as true vegetarians. Pescatarians believe that they can improve their health. Being pescatarian doesn't automatically make you healthier, in the same way that being a vegetarian doesn't equal instant health. There are a wide variety of snack and junk foods that do not contain animal products, such as potato chips, snack cakes, cookies and even ice creams. Pescatarians still have to be careful of their saturated fat intake even though they do not eat land animals or birds. According to Pescatarian Life, pescatarians may or may not eat dairy, like other types of vegetarians. This is a personal choice that each pescatarian makes based on his own values and opinions about the dairy system. It's not safe to assume that pescatarians eat dairy when preparing meals. It's always best to ask.
person 1: Do you eat meat?
Person 2: Not land animals or birds, but sea food.
Person 1: So you're a vegetarian who eats fish.
Person 2: NO! I am a pescatarian!
Person 1: Why don't you eat land animals or birds?
Person 2: I don't eat land animals or birds because of the hormones and steroids they are injected with, and because 90% of mass produced land and bird meat in the US are gmo and contain human dna.
โดย NC82 20 สิงหาคม 2011
A vegetarian that eats seafood. Contrary to popular belief, pescatarians and vegetarians are not hairy or smelly. Most of us shower and shave like other people.
Ellie: I am a pescatarian because I eat fish.
Ben: Fish is still meat!
Ellie: Ok so I'm not a true vegetarian. That's why Im called a pescatarian.
Ben: ...
โดย EllieLovesFishin 23 มิถุนายน 2011
Person who is vegetarian BUT ALSO EATS FISH.

I am a pescatarian because I DO NOT EAT MEAT BUT I DO EAT FISH.
โดย Cecilia Rubin 06 มกราคม 2008
A straight man that only eats fish
I tried being gay, but I'm a pescatarian.
โดย furious write 23 พฤศจิกายน 2015
Pescatarians eat fish and shellfish but not other types of meat. They mistakenly believe that somehow fish are not mistreated like other animals killed for human consumption, and that they are also not given the hormones that land animals and poultry are given. They are almost always uppity about the difference between vegetarianism and pescatarianism, despite pescatarianism just being a stupid excuse to eat lobster as a vegetarian. Living a pescatarian lifestyle does not make you any healthier than a normal diet, nor does vegetarianism, unless you are truly eating healthy foods and not junk like chips, and yet pescatarians are frequently very proud of their "healthy" diet and like to tell you all about why theyre so much better than you.
"I'm a pescatarian, its NOT the same as a vegetarian. I'm kind of a big deal."
โดย cuntface_bitch 07 พฤศจิกายน 2014

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