Oxycontin is a controversial drug which is specially coated to deliver small amounts of oxycodone over a long peroid of time. This narcotic is often abused by removing the coating and then either injected, snorted, or taken orally to enter the body all at once. This causes a rushing high similar to heroin.
Mmmm oxy... I sure wish I had some right now ;)
โดย Anonymous 15 เมษายน 2003
a semi-synthetic opioid. released to the public around 1995 and has recently become more popular than crack and cocaine.
i was a coke head, a crack addict and a meth junkie and all of those drug habits i beat on my own. i wish i could say the same for oxycontin. i started using it as a prescribed pain management system, but it wasn't too long before i developed a dependency and starting working just to support my habit. as for it's pain killing properties there can't be a more powerful substitute. likewise, with its addictive qualities, there can't be a harder habit to break. i think i could give up cigarettes before oxy's. this drug is more dangerous to abuse than just about any other drug. the withdrawl is beyond description. it amazes me that the FDA allows something like this to hit the market. what's more amazing is that doctors seeem to know very little about it, or they simply don't care to tell you what they do know. my doctor gave me no indication that it was so highly addictive, or that the withdrawl would be equivallent to a week in a torture chamber.

to anyone looking for a powerful pain killer, watch out for these pills. they are incredibly expensive to get on the streets when your script runs out. where i live, it is common to pay upwards of 40-50 bucks for one 80mg pill. last week i got a great deal, 30 eighties for 150 bucks. i've already gone through them and need more. the withdrawl has hit me and i would rather be dead than feel like this
โดย bukschacht 15 มิถุนายน 2008
The medicinal name for what we know on the street as Hillbilly Heroin. The new "In" drug.
Be like that ugly-beyond-belief, walking pile of dog crap, Jack Osbourne. Take a bottle's worth of Oxycontin a day for two years straight, overdose daily, sob and cry and get all emotional, check into a drug clinic, and become recognized as a national hero and role model to all for not poppin' pills anymore, something that you shouldn't have been doing anyway. This is how we teach the soon-to-be f**ked up youth of the planet nowadays.
โดย G-Union 29 ตุลาคม 2003
ocycotin is a highly addictive synthetic opiate. Its chemical make up is side by side to heroin. But unlike the raw street drug heroin, in with you never no its exact content, oxycontin is pure and clean. i like to think of scientist with gowns and hairnets mixing my shit then some street scum mixing in watever concoction will make 4 a better profit, ive nown 2many overdosers dyin from streetnigger shit. not prejudose just miss the dead!!
oxycontin, as great a high as any other maybe just a little better, but as anyone who can explain thats been in the shoes of an o head what goes up must come down, and belive me you uasally come crashing down, like most of us we cant afford rehab so my best advice for kicking is either take just enough each day not to be as sick as a cold turkey and wean off or switch over to perc 10-325 until the oc is out of the system then try and score some suboxin, finaly, get yourself some nyquil cause its probly the only way youll get any rest for at least a clean week
โดย R.I.P. cousin Chris 18 ธันวาคม 2006
A prescription pill that contains a semi-synthetic opioid known as oxycodone. It has (very, very roughly) the same potency as morphine, a more well-known opioid, and is used for the same purpose (relief of moderate to severe pain). Oxycontin in particular is notable for containing no other active drugs besides oxycodone, which makes it very popular with the illegal drug use community. Because oxycontin is a time-release medication, it typically contains more oxycodone than instant release cousins such as Percocet and Percodan. Recreational users are more likely to crush up and parachute, snort or smoke the pill in order to bypass the time-release mechanism. Injecting it is also a known method of administration. Like most opioid-containing preparations, oxycontin is potentially very physically addictive, and that combined with its reportedly euphoric effects have kept demand for it very high since its introduction in the mid 1990's. This in turn has made it one of the most expensive recreational drugs, by weight, with 80 mg pills sometimes costing as much as $100.
Oxycontin is pretty damn awesome, but I'm not an idiot so I'm not gonna do it again for a long, long time. It's also nice, medically speaking, because it alleviates many people's suffering.
โดย fund 19 พฤศจิกายน 2007
A big green pill, and when snorted, makes you very, very happy.
"oh! yes, id love to snort that oxycontin!"
โดย Janet Presely 15 กรกฎาคม 2006
Oxycontin is the time-release form of oxycodone, usually prescribed for chronic and severe pain. Because it contains a larger amount of oxycodone, it has become one of the most abused prescription drugs in the United States.
known as oxy, oc, alot of other nicknames. comes in green 80mgs which are the best, then orange 40s, yellow 20s and got 10s and shit but its all about 80s. so their broke down into powder with a grader to snort or slap it on some foil and smoke it it can be melted and slammed to. they all got a time released coating over the pill that is rubbed off first. its a great high but very addicting and it will eventually especially after years of daily use take all your money give u withdraws and start alot of stuff like arguments fights stealing lying. 80s go for 45, 40s for 25 at the most in the 916 SIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
you can hit those trailz -oxycontin
โดย The West Coast Don 19 สิงหาคม 2009

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