A Hispter is a grown up scene kid. Too old to be a scenester, yet too young to say no to the common trend. Trendy. Grown up sceneyboppers.
Lindsay: Look at that hipster! OMG.

Ashley: Wait. Isnt't that a scenester?

Lindsay: No. He was most likely scene at a younger age, but now he's older and on to being hip!

Ashley: Oh. Still pretty much looks the same to me.
โดย YoRegiiis! 21 กรกฎาคม 2008
A subculture of disaffected twenty-somethings that are characterized by their fickle attitudes toward basically everything. Their chronic un- or under-employment gives them plenty of time to listen to music, visit obscure art galleries, drink lots of coffee and alcohol, chain smoke, and read independently-published newspapers and magazines. By the time they figure out what they want, they've already onto something else because what they want might be what someone else wants and they don't want to identify with that person(s). You won't find them at suburban shopping malls. Try looking in the trunk of an AMC Hornet.
"Well, what've we got ourselves here, another hipster, eh?"
โดย Shattered Dreams 04 มีนาคม 2008
An insufferable, pseudo-intellectual twerp who defines his identity mainly through allusions to, and alleged knowledge of, obscure popular culture, often of the ephemeral variety. This urban poser advertises this identity via vintage clothing, thick-rimmed glasses, and ironically or iconically decalled t-shirts, oblivious to the concept that his conformity to a predefined template for appearance undermines and contradicts his attempt to be an independent thinker. He exibits a strong narcissism in the form of his constant hunt for attention and self affirmation via online social networks and communications technologies, through which he believes he is channeling relevant, interesting, and enlightening information, but which he usually employs to boost his hipster cred by making obscure references, parroting Internet memes, and generally proclaiming the superiority of his tastes. In quiet desperation, however, the hipster is racked with anxiety, as he is constantly driven by a desire to be "in on the joke" - the concept that other hipsters may be enjoying something of which he is cluelessly unaware, that he may not understand the disposable 90's movie reference which sent his peers into a titter, is anathema to this self-satisfied but inherently insecure social animal.
Mark cursed softly as the hipster in the aisle paused next to him to stow his Apple-logo messenger bag in the overhead bin. The Banana Splits t-shirt at eye-level and the thick, horn-rimmed glasses looking down at him told him that he was going to be in for a long flight filled with tedious conversations about the power of social media to help the unemployed take the country back from evil corporations.
โดย Herr Stehpinkler 16 กรกฎาคม 2011
Hipsters are akin to posers. The age range generally is between the ages of 17-25. Hipsters tend to listen to random indie bands that no one has ever heard of just to try an act cool amongst their friends even if the music isn't good at all. Hipsters are usually smug and think that they are on a higher plateau than that of their peers. When attending school hipsters usually have the "Pocahontas" backpack just to try and be different. Hipsters also try to rebel by smoking cigarettes in a circle of a large group of people whether or not the people in that circle are smokers, they just think that it gives them that edginess and coolness that they so desperately strive for. In summary Hipsters can be classified as a hybrid of a douchebag and poser who tries to act cooler than everyone around them and will convince themselves that they are the only one that matters.
Casual Wear: Dark thick rimmed glasses, short hair (possibly styled), wears clothing with stripes all the time, they will only wear converses.

Ways to use "Hipster" in a sentence

I'm wearing a polo, I hope I don't get taken for a Hipster.

Look at that group of Hipsters, all of them with the same shirt but just a different color.
โดย RPGAddict 02 พฤษภาคม 2010
the whole subculture is at best a misguided resignation to irony and at worst a conscious attempt at absurdist elitism.
That hipster over there is laughing for all the wrong reasons at Blazing Saddles.
โดย king kong NINJA 12 ตุลาคม 2006
The current “hipster” probably has nothing to do with the older iteration of “hipster”; it’s just another part of the “retro” trend that they’ve borrowed the old name. Or maybe it was applied to them, by people who remember the negative connotations of the old name; I’m not sure where it came from.

In actuality I think this one is just the revision of the yuppie (young urban professional) of my generation (Gen X), except that a lot of hipsters don’t work in traditional professional jobs because they’re fashionably anti-capitalist. If they work, they’re freelancers. Many are wealthy enough to avoid working anyway — solidly middle/upper-class background with generous parents; a lot of accumulated generational wealth (I knew one who’d had a condo deeded to her as a college graduation gift); a trust fund; whatever, though it’s unfashionable to talk about their wealth so they often plead poverty and move into the poorest neighborhoods to be cool (which usually triggers a wave of gentrification in their wake). Also includes, in New York at least, a lot of trust fund kids from overseas, due to the strength of the Euro, and many of them have been stepping in the deepest piles of racism because they don’t really get the nuances here. (Doesn’t stop them from trying, though.)

But basically, the current hipsters are the liberal twentysomethings of this generation, who are usually ham-handed in their liberalism (they’re anti-capitalist and anti-establishment, yet they don’t understand gentrification or their role in it; those who do understand don’t care), and who are constantly in search of new frontiers of whatever — drugs, real estate, sex, fashion. Otherwise they’re just as superficial and self-absorbed as any other twentysomethings. Usually white, as the yuppies were; I haven’t yet heard any PoC derivatives of yuppie, like buppie. They’re usually careful to include a token BBF or PoC in their circle of friends, though, so that they don’t appear racist. If PoC are lacking, they’ll take gay people.
see hipster
โดย nojojojo 24 สิงหาคม 2008
1. A self-aggrandizing piece of hypocrisy.
2. Consumer.
3. A sector of the "enlightened" mass culture.
See all definitions pointing to pro-Hipster "movement", paying particular attention to definition number 19.
โดย dr suz 05 สิงหาคม 2008


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