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An enlarged exhaust pipe that people sometimes add to their cars. The result is a fart-like sound from the engine. Some fart cans are just for show -- they only make noise, and don't make the car any faster.

This car modification is usually done to Asian import cars, but not always.
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โดย Ryan Thompson 15 มกราคม 2004
A disproportionately large muffler or exhaust pipe, mounted on an automobile with a small displacement engine. Named for the flatulence like sound the vehicle's exhaust makes.
A six inch fart cannon attached to a 1 inch tailpipe? Don't tell me. You've seen The Fast and the Furious at least once, right?
โดย 1Spectre4U 12 สิงหาคม 2003
a large "N-1 style" muffler usually attached to import cars. manufacturers usually claim it adds power to cars, however it may adversely affect performance of a car due to lack of necesary backpressure in a cars exhaust. The result of these mufflers is a high decible exhaust that makes the car have less power at low rpms. usually purchased by people who think their car is good when it is actually a pos. Fart canons are a major status symbol in the world of ricers, the louder your 93 horsepower import.... the cooler.
wow look at the fart cannon on that civic.... what a poser
#ricer #fart can #honda #fast and the furious #poser mobile
โดย BATWINGS_07 30 กรกฎาคม 2006
A huge muffler tip stuck onto a tiny little engine. Results in a "farting" noise and makes the car sound like an angry weed-wacker.
I hope that guy with the fart cannon reailizes his car sounds like it has asthma.
#fart #cannon #ricer #honda #toyota #car
โดย MikeNJ 20 ธันวาคม 2005
A huge ass muffler attached to small engines.
Honda Civic with a 10 inch fart cannon that makes very noisy pathetic sounds.
โดย mmx 16 มกราคม 2004
An enlarged muffler-tip used by people who think that they will be more cool if they make their peice of shit 1998 honda civic DX sound like it is taking a shit everytime they lay on the gas.

Considered the opposite of Pussy Tubes
"Fart Cannons are fucking annoying"
"Nice Fart cannon, does it make your peice of shit 1998 honda civic DX do anything special other than making it sound like it is taking a shit everytime you lay on the gas?"
"Fart cannons are the opposite of pussy tubes"
#fart #fart cannon #muffler #civic #1998
a very large exhaust pipe attached to a car that was built for a much smaller pipe, named because of the sound it makes, which is similar to when you fart through a very hight quality microphone

used by chavs (uk) and ricers (us)
me: take off that freaking fart cannon its gonna wake up the entire street!

chav: bu' it' 'ard innit ya goffic nob
#chav #ricer #fart cannon #fart #riceboy
โดย EEwisewolf 29 พฤษภาคม 2008

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