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usually black with random splurges of bright coloured highlights, (blonde streaks at the front), the "shag" cut, with the "emo sweep" at the front, so only one eye is visible for most parts, also cut short in the back, styled with spikes, and the "sweep" at the front.
pretty much what i just said.
โดย the chick on that street 30 มิถุนายน 2005
The trademark haircut of modern emo kids.

For males: Greasy, shaggy hair that hangs over the side of one's face, covering their desired eye in a side-bang type fashion. Almost always dyed black, sometimes with some streaks or tips (mostly red). Shines in the light, since it's extremely greasy due to them not washing it.

For females: Usually cut short, just above the shoulders. Almost always dyed black or dark brown. Tips and streaks are common. Many put their hair up in small pigtails, equipped with My Little Pony, Pokemon, Care Bear, or some other little kid's show hair ties. Side bangs also a common trait. Unlike the males, female emo kids usually wash their hair.
Emo Girl: I love boys with shaggy hair. Yum!
Emo Girl 2: Look at Bayley's sexy new emo haircut. I love how he doesn't wash his hair.
โดย The Queen of Hearts 14 กรกฎาคม 2005
Emo Haircut...

Which is for guys: Shaggy, long, and usally clean. It always will cover one eye or almost all of one eye. It usally has more than one natural color hair dye in it. As in Brown hair with blonde, black,and red or vise versa. It does get done, even though you can not tell. (hairspray)

Girls: Shortish. Shoulder length, or longer, but does have lots of layers. Side bangs, in there face. Hardly ever tucked behind there ears. Ponys, or braids in the back, but still leting the bangs fly loose.
Guy: Nice new Emo haircut, i cant see your eye, but your hair looks clean.
Guy 2: Yeah i know, im to lazy to move it out of my eye. Did you know i brush my teeth in the shower too?
Guy: NICE Bro. 2 things at once.
โดย Disbeliever In Hope 07 เมษายน 2006
Boys-Side fringe going down to the chin. The rest is cut short and spiked up.

Girls-Hair is dark brown or black, also with a side fringe wich go's down to the mid cheek. Usally a head band is worn at the root of the fringe.

The fringe is sometimes dyed blonde.
My hair is like it...(the girl version,coz im a girl)trust me!
โดย Emo763 26 มิถุนายน 2006
an emo haircut does not necessarily have to be short and hidden face sort of thing though it is usually of that fashion.
the stereotype for an emo goth haircut is as follows;

girls: shoulder length or shorter usually with lots of layers - often cut themselves, dyes such as black and red, black and blond, blond and brown etc (two natural colours) - Usually a side fringe that covers one eye. sometimes with small bunches or braid at the back though the front section will be left floppy.

boys: anti-mullet style will a flip over fringe. usually brown, black red or black-blue. sometimes an all over mullet thought the fringe will stay the same all the time.

As you can see this can be a very nice style and is often accompanied with dark eye makeup and a light colored face. sometimes a tattoo if a teardrop underneath the visible eye
an emo haircut is good looking dark coloured - stands out from usual haircuts - ALWAYS WITH A SIDE FRINGE COVERING ONE OR PART OF ONE EYE
โดย LeahRebecca 17 พฤศจิกายน 2006
non-existant. haircuts do not make people emo. style does not make people emo. just because you may have what is percieved to be an emo-haircut, does not mean your emo. so grow the fuck up.
Dude, your haircut is emo. You have an emo haircut, you emo.

Er, no, im quite happy, i just like this haircut
โดย ace087 13 กรกฎาคม 2010
1.The reverse mullet. Usually covers one eye of preferred side and really shiny from how greasy it is
Girl: Did you see that guys emo haircut?! it's so cute!!
Guy: what a queer.
โดย MikeyisaNinja 25 เมษายน 2010

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