18 to 24 year old male who wears berkinstock sandals, watches Family Guy, plays ultimate frisbee, and wears a upsidedown visor or baseball hat with a pre-frayed brim.
dude: yo bro what up
bro: sup dude, playin gamecube
dude: nice man, i love that shit
โดย fattehboi 21 กันยายน 2008
Nick Spike is the definition of Bro. The dude lifts. He is a living, breathing, incarnation of the concept of Bro. Muscle ups? Human flagpole? No problem- Spike can do it. He trains legions of bros in training in the weight room 3 days a week. They all aspire to be as huge as he is.
Bro we gotta lift bro
โดย huge lifter dude 27 ธันวาคม 2014
Someone who goes above and beyond for the benefit of a friend expecting nothing in return.
Lemus is the definition of a bro.
โดย Sclf 10 ตุลาคม 2014
Brohood is a special type of romance. It involves no sexual activitys. A bro is a person who usually shares your gender who you can trust with your life. This person can also be responsible for making sure your romances are working out and whatnot. s/he will give you there food and lend you there video games for free.

Signs of affection include playing video games on the same couch, playful punches, and most importantly, bro hugs.
"Hey, wana be bros?"
"Hell yeah."
โดย Average_eggplant 14 กันยายน 2014


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