A bro can be easily spotted, wearing wife beaters, no shirt, or brands such as Skin, SRH, Metal Mulisha, Famous Stars and Straps, Hostility, etc. Also they wear dickies, long socks, hats to the side and bill straight, also SPY sunglasses all the time, plug gauges and bandanas in the back pocket. Bros party all they time, get high enough to make parties better, drive their lifted trucks, go riding dirtbikes and/or quads. Bros listen to just about any kind of music, KMK, Kingspade, Tech N9ne, Blink 182, Papa Roach, just about any kind of rock, rap and even sometimes country. Bros are looked down upon by society because they know how to have fun and are optimistic about life. Not all bros are racist like believed to be, and they don't beat the girlfriends, like dumb asses think. Bros are extremely close to friends, almost as though they are brothers, you do not mess with one bro without getting his friends involved. Bros also refer to eachother as "Bro" because of the fact they are close just like brothers are. Bro-Hoes are the girl equivalent to the Bro. Bros are basically a group of people from Southern California or Arizona who like to have fun and don't care what people think.
1) I say this because I am a bro and just about everyone who wrote these other texts do not know what they are talking about, not everyone bro is stupid and racist...shows how ignorant you are, HAHA

2) "Whats goin down tonight bro?"
โดย M-NEU 03 ตุลาคม 2007
a mixed breed of skaters and gansta's that aren't musically talented or have any skating ability which has resulted in them taking up gay "sports" such as bmx and motocross.

they are usually found wearing shorts with long socks and flatbilled caps with faggot glasses and oversized shirts with brands such as metal mulisha, no fear, fox, famous stars and straps, and skin , usually found bald or with crew cuts with an underage girl at their side for them to fuck later.

all in all they are spoiled fucking white trash peices of untamed crusty ass peckerwoods.
bro#1: hey i got some cool bmx magazines we can go jack off too
bro#2: sweet man i can test out my new metal mulisha anal beads
โดย Cum Quat 25 สิงหาคม 2007
Pronunciation: \`brohhhhhhh\
Function: adjective, verb, pronoun, noun
Date/Etymology: 3rd Century Lebanon

1. Anyone the articulator is not related to
2. Unknown males, with a group of attractive females, the articulator wishes to ingratiate himself with, in the hope of getting closer to said girls
<eg hey bro, thats my brother on the left, he's hectic cuz>

for more Aus-Lebanese slang:
<eg hey bro, thats my brother on the left, he's hectic cuz>
โดย bro666 15 กรกฎาคม 2008
typically a white male who's really into partying, whether they do it or not. they usually wear sunglasses such as aviators and wear hats or visors with the lid flipped up. they use hair gel and love to wear polos and rugby shirts and love to drive around with a car full of loud people and loud music. although i don't have a problem with them, many can be very obnoxious because theyre so loud. they love smoking, drinking, weed, and girls. they usually have stupid competitions with their friends, like who will pay them 50 dollars if they eat the skin of an orange haha
a lot of guys in fraternities are bros, but not all
You can tell that guy screaming "CHUG CHUG CHUG" is a bro with his rugby shirt, his lacoste hat, and his plastic red cup.
โดย kristyyyyyy 27 มกราคม 2008
A bro is an 18 to 24 year old male who wears berkinstock sandals watches family guy plays ultimate frisbee and wears an upsidedown visor or a baseball cap with a pre fraid brim you know a bro. They drink natty ice (natural ice) and wear ralph lauren water polos.
bro 1: yo bro you wanna play ultimate frisbee or frolf today. i got a six of natty ice.

bro 2: alright bro. i just gotta get my visor.
โดย 907DGAF 29 พฤษภาคม 2009
A guy who only shops at No Fear and drives a lifted truck that has never seen dirt, snow, rocks, or mud. They often have long black socks and dickie shorts. They almost always have a flat billed hat on sideways. They love Metal Mulisha but have never sat on a dirtbike ever! Bros like to get drunk and stoned then cause trouble ussually a misdomener. The female bro is a bro hoe. They have blonde hair with black underneath and wear tall flip flops and are posers and white trash. the "BRO" loves the southern Cali area like 951 and other gay Cali whatnot. Bros are people who want to be like Metal Mulisha exept never touch dirtbikes. They are just in it for the fashion and dont want to be called a "wigger" it's really pitiful actually. If you are like me and shop at No Fear because you like the dirtbike and metal mulisha clothes and ACTUALLY ride dietbikes and other Extreame sports other than just sateboarding then you are not bro. Remember most bros are posers who just like the fashion at No Fear and act like dumb White trash guys, and have no job and live off their mommy or daddy. and talk shit and cant back it up.
James:did you see those dumbass bros at no fear today!!

Luke: hell yeah they bought some stickers and gay SRH shirts

James: Hell yeah dude it was so funny when you went in and bought some Tie downs with your cast on from your dirtbike racing crash... and then told the cashier what happend while those posers just gave us dirty looks!

Luke: yeah, then I said how much I hate posers who shop at No Fear then those "bro" pussys got mad and threw a crooked punch. Then I elbowed him with my cast in the face!!

James: his nose was broken so bad! Then his friends teamed up on us 4 to 2 and we kicked the shit out of them

Luke: Then we got kicked out of that mall. Its too bad we got banned for life!
โดย Luke from the 602 01 มกราคม 2009
A male who usually dresses very preppy, popped collars, polos, ect. Usually they have a shaved head or fohawk. Likes or plays football, hockey, lacrosse, or any other sport that involves spanking or touching another players ass in congratulation for a good play. They will usually use black slang although most of the time they're white. There is no defining music but most tend to listen to rap or some sort of rock. When they do hang out with girls they tend to be "bro-hoes". "Bro-hoes" are pretty much the female equivalent of a bro who only go out bros and are almost as manly. An easier way to describe a bro is a preppy looking jock.
The bros are hanging around the *insert sport related place here* again.
โดย PureAwesomeness 06 มกราคม 2008

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