You Obviously Lack Originality
annoying bitch: Gonna dye my hair orange cause YOLO!
smart people: You Obviously Lack Originality... cunt.
โดย ispeakdatruthhhh 18 กรกฎาคม 2012
you obviously lack originality -proud Tumblr user
User 2: YOLO
โดย yowhatseob 02 เมษายน 2012
YOLO, short for "you only live once," is an Internet phrase that obtained a large following in late 2011 and early 2012. It used to be used to express appreciation of life's little things and opportunities, but has since been butchered by being used with any action or phrase.
"omfg lol just killed a homeless guy for another cardboard box #YOLO"

"lmfao i want to see if i can juggle soap in prison and get away with it!!!!11!1!1!!!1! #YOLO"
โดย CipollaM926 27 มีนาคม 2012
A new word that society replaced "swagg" with
It means you only live once
but some people spend more time saying it then actually doing it
Fell down the stairs today

Yolo !
โดย UselessTalent 09 มีนาคม 2012
An excuse for people to do dumb things. Translates to "you only live once" which is true. However, this is a surefire way to shorten that one life. Don't be stupid.
Dude Yolo right?
Go home.
โดย LookUp123 27 กันยายน 2014
Short for You Only Live Once.
Contrary to what most believe the term Yolo WAS NOT started by drake. The term started from the Suicide Silence song You Only Live Once, released years before the song by that potato
Its usually used as an excuse or reason to do something stupid
*Jumps of a skyscraper* YOLO!
โดย Puffyfluffy 26 กันยายน 2014
A shit excuse for doing what could be suicide or result in jail. It means you only live once, but thats because teens couldn't learn Carpe Diem
Some random kid at school: YOLO MUTHERFACKERS!!! *runs out*
Me: Did that kid LITERALLY just do say yolo and run?! *LMFAO*
โดย Motherfucking Mario 16 กรกฎาคม 2014


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