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A light blue stick of chewing gum measuring approx. 19 X 74 millimeters. This product is manufactured by The Wrigley Jr. Company in IL. It tastes like gum!
Winterfresh lasts for about 20 minutes!
โดย Naskaj 28 มีนาคม 2005
Since our creation in 2005, more than 50,000 dance music enthusiasts
have experienced what it means to be part of “The Fresh Movement”.

As we move forward to 2010, Fresh Entertainment continues to set the

standard for event production in Southern California’s Electronic Dance
Music Scene by consistently bringing you the World’s Best International
DJ’s, Live Acts and Performers, Full-Scale Concert-Size Stage Productions,
Massive High-Quality Sound Systems, Mind-Boggling Intelligent Lighting,

Giant Green Lasers, Event-Specific Themed Decorations & Intense Visual
Stimulations to keep the Vibe Alive, the Music Bumpin’ and the Crowd

Goin’ Wild ‘till the Wee hours of the morning!

Fresh Entertainment is proud to present

the annual “WINTERFRESH FESTIVAL”! The “coolest” event of the year...

Winterfresh brings 9 hours of non-stop movin’ and winter-fresh groovin‘ and always bringing amazing Line-up of World-Class DJ’s playing on Massive

Winter-Themed Stages at an event of Epic Proportions that will not soon
be forgotten! Winterfresh is normally held in an outdoor ARENA, beneath
the stars, with plenty of room for over 10,000 people to dance their
heart out, bask in the moonlight and enjoy the cool breeze of the brisk
winter’s eve...

Join us, in celebration of the Winter season and

experience the incredible loving vibe that keeps bringing people back,
year after year!
Jane, are you going to Winterfresh this year? Its going to be so epic! I am going to dance my heart out.
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โดย KweenBinx 02 ธันวาคม 2009
a.) the substance produced by a male smurf's testes
b.) Smurf cum
c.) old school chewing gum (imposible to hide in
private school)
man 1: "wow you smurfed that smurf till he got
winterfresh all in your face"
man 2: "yeah well... at least my breath is menty fresh."
man 1: "but you still performed a sex act on a male... fag"
#smurf #cum #winter #fresh #winterfresh #immature
โดย nintendo|innuendo 30 เมษายน 2007

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