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The Haverford School is a private school located in the suburbs of the city of Philadelphia. Despite being a part of the same league as such distinguished institutions as Penn Charter, CHA, Episcopal Academy, and Malvern Prep, The Haverford school is know as the laughing stock of the Inter-Ac. Calling themselves the Fords but known to the students of all other nearby schools as the Fags, the average Haverford student prides himself on being a meathead while actually being a bitch, wears shorts with his dress shirt and tie (earning their nickname of the Fags), owns at least two lacrosse sticks even if he doesn't play lacrosse, has one go-to story about the time he got with a Radnor girl but actually prefers the company of men, and is just a preppy dick-eating dirtbag in general. A typical day at Haverford includes driving the BMW their sister left when she went to college to school, getting caught in science class watching gay porn, admiring their flow in the mirror, and carrying around a used up e-cig to show all their friends how cool they are. Not even an imported member of China's Junior Olympic team could save their shitty basketball team nor could a bunch of Bonner rejects save their football team. Visitors to the Haverford School be warned, it's native population of mainline moms piloting range rovers is known to be aggressive and has been known to hit unsuspecting bystanders.
One Germantown Academy student to another, "at least we don't go to The Haverford School."

Sample conversation between Haverfags
Fag 1 (casually lets his used up e-cig fall out of his pocket)
Fag 2 "yeah bro we're so edgy, wanna go rip twine later?"
Fag 1 "nah bro I gotta go get my nails done"
Fag 2 "aight man it's all good, I'm going to a Justin Beiber concert later anyways"
Fags 1 and 2 "Beliebers 4 life!!!!!!!!!!"
โดย DizzyNiner 23 พฤศจิกายน 2013
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