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Origin: French

Meaning: little rock

A woman who doesn't take shit from anyone, even her own parents. She does things her way when she wants where she wants how she wants. A beautiful person inside and out. She is a great listener and tells it like it is. She is lotal and trust worthy. She is exotic and fun to be around.
"Rochelle Rochelle.....A tale of a young woman traveling from Milan to Minx"
โดย MPOW 01 กุมภาพันธ์ 2010

1. A graceful creature attributed to myths and legends from the sea: sometimes resembling a sea nymph. Alternate forms include a small green frog.

2. A stormy day

3. A wondrous girl. Intelligent, curious, creative and adventurous

Silly and romantic, can be found laughing on most occasions. Rochelles are fond of happy, wise and curious people.

Rochelles are known to hide under bed covers. Can be coaxed out with friendship or cinnamon.

Rochelles sometimes emit loud sounds in public places, usually resembling a laugh.

If properly taken care of, a Rochelle will reward you with laughter, music, and companionship. Rochelles make excellent partners in crime.

If you want to repel a Rochelle, mix equal parts vodka and liver, cook for 20 minutes. Rub mixture over your body, avoiding eye area. Let dry
"Ah, yes. I knew a Rochelle once. She was the most wondrous thing that ever happened to me. But I was a young man then. A young, foolish man..." -from the ancient stories of Urban
โดย UrbanKeeper 07 กุมภาพันธ์ 2010
Pretty,smart,funny,random. The girl who look clam and quiet, but really she is CRAZY as hell and very hyper. A awesome best friend and a awesome taste in music. She a girl who really really really love her boyfriend(who cant shut the f*** up about it). Rochelle is the girl who don't give a damn what she do. She is very nice just don't get her mad,other than that you will soo love her.
Boy: "She is so pretty,but she is crazy and very random."
Girl: "Well she has awesome taste in music she must be a Rochelle."
โดย rawryrawrrawr 18 กุมภาพันธ์ 2011
The definition of a BOSS, a Chaldean name in which all Rochelle's are hot as hell especially since they are Chaldean and a Girl, also an athletic person with a lot of skills on and off of the court. Rochelle's do not grow past 5 foot 5 they are short but very funny. They are skinny but not to skinny.
John Q- Damn that Chaldean girl is so hot!
Billy- I bet her name is Rochelle
โดย whyarewesohot 22 มิถุนายน 2010
A girl who you should fall in love with. Good at cuddles and lover of movies. Most memorable kissers. Rochelle's are caring and considerate. They are smart too. Rochelle's enjoy it when they are called by a nickname. 'Babe' or 'Baby' for example. With the right treatment, Rochelle's are appreciative and will repay you with their mouth. Although Rochelle's come across as strong and independent, deep down they are sometimes hurt and require a lot of loving and cuddles. Rochelle's are noticable for their lovely, round, peachy bums and their lack of alcohol tolerence. When a Rochelle is mixed with alcohol, she produces a slut.
Girl: "I had one drink and turned into a total whore last night"
Girl 2: "You pulled a Rochelle"

Boy: "You kiss like a Rochelle"
Girl: "THANKS!"
โดย P0UTINE 26 กันยายน 2012
crazy, beautiful, nice, smart,pretty, awesome, lover of shane dawson. i mean what else can i say life is ok and i don't take crap from anyone , even my own parents. i can be a good person inside and out. i love it when i reach my goals. Peace out bitches!!!
Rochelle's are great people inside and out
โดย music1234567 03 เมษายน 2013
A "Rochelle" is an individual of who's enigmatic and charismatic personality is extremely alluring and captivating and people just cannot seem to get enough of her whether they are friend or foe.
A "Rochelle" will always generate attention. When she walks into a room the atmosphere is electric. People are mesmerised. Addicted. Rochelle's also attract the attention of people of who feel threatened by Rochelle's confidence and intelligence. These people are poisoned with envy, constantly compare their substandard inadequacies and inabilities against Rochelle's naturally developed skills and refined abilities. These comparisons or inferiorities surface causing more damage and dysfunction to their unstable mental and emotional well beings. In some parts of Western Australia people like this can be described as sub class as they most likely suffer from severe self pitying depressions or they have an extreme personality disorder where deception and lying becomes obsessively compulsive. Medical Scientists seem to think that it is possible that the Mothers of the above mentally inept individuals rejected them as children willingly because they could forsee the development later on of such mental defects and were embarrassed and ashamed of their mentally "incomplete" creations.
A "Rochelle" Mother is always proud of her daughter because Rochelle's do not have any mental defects. Rochelle's are a cut above the rest and they play games very well.
Rochelle spoke to your boyfriend last week on Facebook about his trip to Germany after he messaged her with a "hello".

Rochelle made him laugh but she did not mention anything discussed about you.
โดย TippityTopCunt 22 พฤษภาคม 2015

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