Male prostitution is the sale of sexual services (prostitution) by a male with either male or female clients.
The gender of a male prostitute's sexual partner, or the sexual act that the hustler participates in may not indicate a hustler's sexual orientation. In same-sex male prostitution, participants may engage a variety of sexual acts based on the desires of the client and his sexual orientation. Although some may restrict the client, restrictions often fall when the price increases. Sexual acts include masturbation, single or jointly performed, oral sex on or by the client, anal intercourse performed by (self-identified) straight clients, or anal intercourse performed on or by gay clients.

Some young men come to hustling as a temporary or occasional means of making money; some engage in hustling only once; others work as a hustler for an extended length of time. Some rentboys supplement their income by work as a pornographic actor or model (and vice-versa), nude model, massage therapist, burlesque dancer (a "go-go boy", "erotic dancer" or (in the Philippines) "macho dancer"), by performing in sex shows or by running a personal website (with, for example, pictures and erotic webcam shows available for subscribers). Others have jobs entirely unrelated to the sex industry.

Financial incentives may be the primary reason that prostitutes engage in this work, but they are by no means the only reasons. Hustling may also confer on the hustler a sense of self-worth (the hustler is desired by the client), or of social status (the hustler may be taken to expensive restaurants or travel destinations), or of erotic gratification, or of societal rebellion (the hustler is breaking social conventions). Conversely, the hustler may also experience a sense of self-destructiveness or exploitation. The reasons for hustling are thus extremely personal and may involve a mixture of positive and negative justifications. This same complexity may underlie the justifications of the hustler's client: although sexual gratification may be his/her primary motive, the client may also be moved by many emotional concerns (including issues related to sexual orientation, power and emotional attachment).

Some male clients (especially men who identify as straight) may prefer escorts who are crossdressers or pre-operative transsexuals transwomen ("she-males"). A hustler may be homosexual or heterosexual or bisexual.

1. Brad acts like a complete and utter manwhore in social gatherings.
2. Don't date Brad. He's a manwhore.
3. The most profound acts of true manwhoring usually involve males named Brad.
4. Manwhore is synonymous for Brad.
โดย John Battenlia 01 กุมภาพันธ์ 2007
a guy who sleeps with other people.
loves pleasure from almost anyone.
gets you to fall for him.
guy who flirts all the time.

Chris is such a manwhore!
โดย tatski 08 มีนาคม 2009
A male prostitute, or a man that moves from lady to lady.
Keydrin: God, Brandon still wants me and he has a girlfriend!
Celie: Brandon is such a man-whore.
โดย celie! :D 12 กุมภาพันธ์ 2009
1. A man who has various sexual relations with random people 2. Nick Romano 3. A man who is paid (usually with pineapples) for sexual deeds
Ketchup monster with paperclip eyebrows and the world's largest beanie baby collection, is known as a manwhore
โดย robisthegoddamnman 31 สิงหาคม 2008
Boi who prostitutes himself out to women cause he's too lazy to get a real job and be a man. Also looks like the back of some ninth graders binder.
Girl1: I heard you were seeing someone.
Girl2: Not really we're just friends. In other words he's my my manwhore rather.
โดย Youknow frank sanatra he'sdead 29 มิถุนายน 2010
male counterpart of a whore
mad boyfriend:you slept with him!!??!
satisfied girlfriend:what can i say hes a man-whore
โดย kevin innuendo 16 พฤษภาคม 2010

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