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Area encompassing San Bernardino and Riverside counties in southern California, also known derogatively as "The 909"
โดย John 06 มีนาคม 2003
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A region which contains cities from the San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Also known as the I.E
The Inland Empire is between L.A. County and San Bernardino County.
โดย Jay 07 มีนาคม 2005
The inland empire (inland southern california), or "IE" as locals call it, spans riverside and san bernardino counties, and parts of LA and SD counties. This is the region of California that any travel agencies or colleges just don't want the rest of the world to know about. The culture there condones and encourages racism, sexism, and every kind of bigotry. Education is not viewed as something to expand knowledge, but rather to get money to buy another raised up truck. If you have ever watched "Idiocracy" by Mike Judge, this region would strike home in a frighteningly accurate way. People there are just as belligerent as they are stupid and unwelcoming to new people and ideas. Also, this region is home to "bros" and "bro hos". Looking up those as well will give you a much better idea about the IE too. All in all, living here, you'll get every drawback of big city living, but none of the advantages. If you live there, for the love of God, GET OUT.
"Man, I'm tired of driving through the Inland Empire surrounded by SUV's covered in 'not of this world' and 'real men love jesus' and ' W 04' stickers that keep cutting me off or won't let me change lanes. Oh, and I could do without the smog and 110 degree heat in the summer."
โดย bowling 14 มีนาคม 2008
Acually a very nice place Ive lived here all my life,It is far enough from La that you dont have all the congestion,and is also closest place to all the ski resorts,the three highest mountains in southern california are all in the IE.Its also the closest to the desert (techniqually palm springs is in the IE)and is only an hour a way from the beach and LA and its the closest to the river and Las Vegas.The reason IT is not as devoloped in some places is because alot of the people here like the small town feel to alot of the cities here.Also mostly only San bernardino has some bad parts in it the rest of the IE like Yucaipa,Redlands,Oak glen,East highland,cherry valley,Loma Linda,Grand Terrace,Beumont have very low crime rates (check the stats).Yeah alot of the kids drive lifted trucks and ride dirtbikes,but alot of those kids work and buy there own vehicles,unlike orange county where every kid has a lowered 2 door lexus or bmw with a loud ass annoying exuast that there parents buy for them.And since they drive those cars they all think there jeff gordon and peel out every corner and race any other car with just as annoying weak little exuast,so you cant say shit about someone in a truck driving worse.I only know because I stay out here in the OC a few days a week to visit some family.Alot of the suburbs in the Inland Empire have areas that are as nice as the nicest places in Orange county easily but most people never see those parts because they only drive through the IE on the freeway,The IE also has two of the best hospitals in the country Loma Linda University and ST.Bernadine.
The Inland Empire is the center of everything in southern california.

The IE is the closest region to all major things in southern california
โดย dirtrider 22 มิถุนายน 2009
The ghetto of Southern California. Famous for meth labs, bros and bro hoes raised trucks, and miles of dirt yards, rabid dogs, chain-link fences, and El Caminos on cinder blocks. The further you go down the 101, the worse it gets.
"Dude, I met this bro ho from the Inland Empire the other day. She was such a skank."

"Never go to the Inland Empire. Unless you want to get shot."
โดย Imalia Hernandez 23 กรกฎาคม 2008
A very diverse region which covers part of L.A county all the way to the San Bernardino County. Cities include Riverside, San bernardino, Rialto, Colton, Parts of L.A , Fontana, etc.
The Inland Empire is fun. I personally live here and enjoy it. There is everything here from rich white people to Ghetto people. The ghetto people are mostly in San Bernardino , Rialto.The hogher clas live in cities such as Redlands, Higland(westpart,the east side of higland is ghetto)and parts of riverside and Colton. People like to party and smoke weed.
I'm from the Inland Empire (909).
โดย generator brown 22 ธันวาคม 2011
The area between Pamona and Beaumont and is usually referred to as the IE. The overall valley is a haven of cheap homes, which lures lower income families to migrate from Los Angeles to the heart of the IE (San Bernardino). San Bernardino has a reputation of being "ghetto" or "trashy" and has a high crime rate, which has spread to other cities in the IE.
I'm from Rialto, and trust me the Inland Empire is ghetto.
โดย Inland Empire 14 พฤษภาคม 2015

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