Emo was invented in the late 80s as an attempt by white suburbanites to keep african-americans from migrating to the suburbs. The word is derived from its NSA acronym EMO (Ebony Migration Obliterator). It was designed to possess everything black people hate: irritating vocals, whiny lyrics, subdued dress style, and a complete undancability. Black people react to this music as if they were hearing nails on a chalk board and it is greatly responsible for the racial divide in suburbs today.
There has never been a black man attend a emo concert ever.
โดย Dan Marino 29 เมษายน 2005
we like to sit in the dark and slap ourseleves until we cry then write a song about it....
adam hutcheon, kyle ruddy, steven (knobjockey) philson ohh of course davit ferris aka dunken bagley
โดย diarmuid 19 เมษายน 2005
Part of 2nauti crew, Good friends with moyo.
Emma Donnelly the 3rd
โดย emma 26 มกราคม 2005
The best people in the world - including my friends & me. They listen to the Best Music, read the Best Books, wear the Right Clothes, vote for the Right Party and always have the Best Intentions.
Emos of the world, unite!!!!!!!!!
โดย Cloudie 09 กันยายน 2005
Listen to 'emotional' rock music, in other words SHIT music such as MCR ( my chemical romance) HIM, evanescence, sometimes blink 182 and other shite....

They are very OTT and dramatic often crying for no reason or self harming to make themselves feel even more understood... they like the idea of being a rebel and will welcome evreyone who thinks that. they think themselves misunderstood and have to bury themselves under their black fringes with blonde tips and MCR jackets.....

They wear black square framed glasses and sometimes piercings.....
Emo girl: i love MCR! Gerard Way rocks sooo much!
Chav: ewww how can you? FREEAAAK... stupid Emos
Emo girl: im so misunderstood! *slit slit*
โดย sellie 03 มีนาคม 2006
some loser kids who think its cool to act like their life is so horrible.And then they cry about it and slit their wrists.And whats even more incredible their is a whole style of dress(tight faggy clothes) that came out of this whole queer ass emotionally charged group of music fans.If you are a man and You like emo you may as well go cry to your mom because no one else wants to here it,
I'm gonna trample that emo fag in the mosh
โดย Benji molinaman 11 ตุลาคม 2005
emos are grunge or goth wannabes that cant get their own life. they cry to music that relates to their so called "problems"
they hang around in groups and do exactly the same as each other to be different from everyone else *cough cough* e.g if 1 emo lights up a fag they all light a fag at the same time and they cry and slit their wrists to music (1 emo band i can be bothered to think of is panic! at the disco) in groups us grunges like to call the-gay-emo-fuckers
1 beautifully sunny day two bisexual emo boys were strolling along the road. one said, "im feeling so depressed today." and runs into the road infront of a speeding car.
splat goes the emo. the other emo boy went home and put on some panic! at the disco and slit his wrists till he died cuz he was so fucking depressed.
the moral of this story is to always remember that, when you see two bisexual emo boys strolling along a road, make sure to drive above the speed limit! he he he 2 dead emos
โดย lizi smith and georgina stovold 17 มีนาคม 2006


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