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When a woman kisses a man as an act of love, but results in the death of the man shortly thereafter (usually within 5 hours). Even if the kiss doesn't directly kill the victim, the death of the kissed man will still be caused by the doombitch.

However, the kiss of the doombitch will also ensure the kissed to die gloriously. Whether it is to stop a plane from being hijacked or stopping a meteor with your bare hands, a single moment of extreme manlyness and power is guarantied.

The term "doombitch" was spawned as a joke on the /a/ board of the (in)famous site, a place of great win and fail alike. An anonymous, a user of the site, joked about the death of a main character in the popular anime "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann". He was kissed by Yoko, one of the other main characters, and died in glorious battle. The loss of the main character was so surprising and unimaginable that Yoko was blamed for his death. The typical doombitch is kindhearted, sexy and interested in the victim - criteria which closely match Yoko herself.

Once you're jinxed by a doombitch, there is no turning back. You can only pray that your moment of death and glory was grander than the previous guy.
-Damn that doombitch, she did it again! FU¤#!

-Yeah, yeah calm down. What are you rambling on about.

-She kissed Mark 3 hours ago! And guess what; he died in a restaurant after killing the top mafia families in this city with his teeth.

-I-I just kissed her 15 minutes ago, but it was only for a moment so...

โดย Realmen.Inc 08 พฤษภาคม 2008
Anyone who dates multiple people who die soon after kissing and/or sleeping with them. The people effected by the doom bitch usually have epic deaths, at least.
Simon: Did you see that explosion?
Mike: Yep. That was Tim's car?
Simon: He kissed the doom bitch didn't he?
โดย DrDoomBitch 14 พฤษภาคม 2011

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