A clichéd term of infantile beginnings originally intended to characterize individuals, typically a male, whose uncertain behavior or looming mysterious presence would make regular folks unsettled.Currently, the ubiquitous puerile terminology takes on multiple variant definitions, notably -
1- that deliberated by socially influential people to brand personalities they find inept or intolerable, if not simply unattractive; Regretfully, it's often used against those who don't wield the power their instigating counterparts do (e. g. dweebs,dorks,etc)
2- that deliberated by the malevolent youth to antagonize older folks for the way they look or behave
An all-too-uncanny example would be where the older individual compliments or merely converses with the younger, which the younger quickly gets irritated over for none other than the fact that the older doesn't share his/her aesthetic qualities. A follow-up excuse to justify the younger's reaction might be that differences in age & life experiences would therefore make it"inappropriate"for the older to talk to the younger.
3-that deliberated by self-entitling hotheads to overlay on those they deem are giving them unsolicited advances
The contact, though, is likely to be innocently unsexual & cordial by nature
4- that deliberated by moral hotmouths to unfairly fend off adults acerbated as suspected pedophiles.More often then not, any "evidence"/"proof"present is barely more than trite frivolity as found in the previously items.
To number 1 - "That freakin' creeper with the f'ugly chunky smile who sat in the corner with his palms centered on his crotch came up to me, and he kept trying to compliment me. These sick douchebags don't have a life!" =/

To number 2 - i hav a friend whose already a freshmen in hs And like omfg!!! we were visiting a hookup site for hot men (illegally!! hahahaha'zz), and this motherfuckin creeper keeps trying to talk to us! He was like a fat 40yo perv!!! we had to fuckin' block dat shitzz!!!!!!"

To number 3 - I never want to visit a nightclub again! I keep getting hit on by creepers who want nothing but sex! (I guess they can't resist my glaring beauty!)

To number 4 - "Meh mums has warned me to stay away from Osage Park since its full of creepers: Their like normal adults, but they keep saying hi and smiling at kids and pre-teens and stuff. And they act too friendly ,almost to the point of being fake like the sick turds they are!! Let dem shitazz pedozzz fucking molest each other and die in hell, but I'm not going to let them infect me."
โดย ACzzz from California 02 พฤษภาคม 2013
Usually an unsuspecting party-goer caught lurking (and staring at the camera) in the background of photographs.
I was looking at my digital pics from last night, and Joel was a total fuckin' creeper in nearly all of them!
โดย MUGGLE 23 เมษายน 2007
A man who is very odd and lurks around the mall staring at young girls . a creeper can also be a very wierd looking man or boy who does not like to socialize but just stays in a corner and stares at people .
look at that creeper hes staring at us again
โดย ville_is_sexy 25 มกราคม 2006
It like stares at you while you mine, or looks at you for hours through your window. Likes to lurk in dark places. You know right away there's a creeper nearby, when you hear "SSSssss" after you thought it was safe and have your back turned to it.
You "Oh boy! Coal!"
Creeper: *SSSSssss*
You: "What... Oh shi-"
โดย Bob the Miner 27 ตุลาคม 2010
A type of platform shoe that men and women of the alternative scenes wear. They come in a myriad of designs and colors.
I want the red creepers with the skull design on top.
โดย Crazy Haley Demons 13 พฤศจิกายน 2003
An enemy from minecraft. they are green,have 4 legs and when they get close to you they will make a "ssssssss" noise and then explode.
ssssssssssss" "BOOOM" (a typical encounter with a creeper)
โดย pseudo-b 24 กันยายน 2010
An otherwise normal person labeled as such, often by a woman who is young and in her teenage years, by someone who is insecure, judgmental, and really won't give anyone outside their social circle a chance.

They often attempt to disguise their rationale by what could be considered purely coincidental events, such as staring at a camera in the background of a photo, being alone (which conversely can show independence, a desirable trait), or simply wandering eyes happening to glimpse another person.
Like OMG, that guy over there is such a creeper.
โดย sublym0nal 09 มิถุนายน 2010

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