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Used to describe the bad behavior of black people, especially when they behave like animals.
"OJ really Chimped out on Nicole".

"I was watching basketball, and Ron Artest Chimped Out and beat up a fan"

"I was watching The O'Reilly factor and everything was normal, until Al Sharpton started Yelling and Chimping Out"

"Quick turn on the rap awards show, there is a major chimp out going on!"
โดย NoClanNeeded 25 ธันวาคม 2004
Chimping out is when a black person removes his/her facade as a civilized human being and releases his/her Inner Chimp; as in to start acting violent and out of control. Basically to start TNB'ing; randomly Jumping/beating someone, murder, know, the typical.
I was trying to reason with that black client, but all of a sudden he chimp out on me and started screeching, became violent, and started beating random people around. We had to call the police to control him.
#tnb #chimp out #chimping out #niggers #black people #blacks
โดย ILoveBlackPeople 16 ตุลาคม 2007
(1)A term used when a female nigger gets angry/upset/irritated. (2)A term use to compare the characteristics of niggers and apes. (3)An event that occurs when there's a nigger
That idiot is Chimping out again or why does that nigger have to Chimpout.
#nigger #chimp #chimpout #black #racist
โดย PrimaryKey 25 เมษายน 2009
It's what ghetto/ignorant/beligerant (*mostly*) black and hispanic people do when they get angry. Commonly occurs while riding NYC public transportation, especially in the outer boros (e.g. The Bronx). This usually entails the chimpouter using skewed logic, racist comments, and extremley foul and almost intelligible language (or is it called ebonics?, I dunno).
Yo why this white b***h be talking shit? Damn (they all chime in) now wez gotz to be chimpn' out fo real son. Yeah dog chimpout time, that's whats up.
#ghetto #chimpout #nyc #bronx #racist
โดย WhiteTalons 27 มิถุนายน 2009
"Chimping out" or a "Chimp out" is the natural and inevitable expression of a nigger's natural TNB instincts. Most niggers "chimp out" continuously, which makes it hard to determine the exact moment when their "inner chimp" actually emerges. "Chimping Out" is easiest to detect in "Uncle Tom" negroes, who spend their lives trying to act white. Golf-playing sportscaster OJ Simpson "chimped out" when he murdered his ex-white-wife and Ron Goldman. Millionaire nigger Mike Tyson "chimped out" by violently raping a woman when he could have easily paid for the most expensive hookers.
Trayvon Martin had a serious chimp out on George Zimmerman and got what he deserved; he was put down like the animal he was.
#chimp out #tnb #nigger #coon #negro #uncle tom #scum #drain on society
โดย Chimpologist 25 กันยายน 2013
Chimp Out refers to the action of someone or somthing(chimpanzee) going completly ape shit on anyone who tries to calm it down. The person or thing completly looses his or her cool for an extended period of time. In extreme cases resulting in police "busting a cap in its ass".
Lady 1: " Oh God shoot the chimp shoot it (sobs)."

911 Operator: "What seems to be the problem mam?"

Police officer:"Woah man did you see that chimpanzee chimp out on that ladys ass, it ripped her face off"
#vajpaj #alaskan pipeline #bone street exit #ten points #street fighter
โดย Vappy Boy 28 กุมภาพันธ์ 2009

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