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One who easily seduces, cajoles, dominates, attracts, and or otherwise holds supranatural sway over the male gender. A Bromancer can be anything from an Alpha Type male that both unwittingly and unerringly commands leadership amongst the males in the room and a Vampy woman whose job it is to do yoga, pilates, and pole dancing 8 hours a day.
The term now used most commonly as sarcastic insult has it's roots in the Medieval Occult Wars between the years of none of your business where two sections of the most ancient Bromany family waged a most deadly blood feud resulting in the Black Plague and the Potato. The two great Bromany families the German Brosteins and the Russian Bromanovs were wiped out leaving the well meaning Polish Bromansky family who promptly left for the New World by paying the Vikings with the secrets of Bromancy and friendship.
Fraternamancy is you trying to be cute with the Latin. No one is impressed with the Latin.
Enchantresses consciously seduce men while the solipsistic science of Bromancy is entirely unconscious.
Saoroise is beloved by all the males for she is an 11th level Bromancer.
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โดย Maulrus 01 กรกฎาคม 2016
A person who can conroll the hearts and minds of any bro he comes into contact with. This requires the person to have intimate knowledge of the bro code and the inner working of a bros mind. Usualy this individual is a hardcore bro, thus not imune to other bro-mancers. (Not to be confused with bromance)
Dude you are a master bro-mancer. That guy is a bromancer. bromance bromancer bro mancer]
โดย Deoin 05 สิงหาคม 2013

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