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Fake, totally unintersesting porn site that has become extremely popular in some bizarre, metaphysical manner. Often credited with single-handedly starting the God-awful trend of "reality" porn sites. Follows the adventures of a handful of bad actors and general wankers employed by porn juggernaut Ox Entertainment. Can typically be seen in and around South Florida paying fat, used-up, coke-shooting skanks $700 to ride around in a van and get reamed by one of the ugly freaks of nature that resides therein. Even then, if you dare conjure up any semblence of an erection, it's usually quelled by a certain wheezing, giggling, cackling, totally obnoxious bastard going by the name of Dirty Sanchez. Very little is known about this mysterious individual, other than the fact that he insists on cracking bad jokes the entire time and seems to get off on random, amateurish zooming and panning. A bunch of equally stupid and low-quality porn sites that feature many of the same girls along with the same lame-brained actors are included as extras for those deluded enough to actually buy a subscription to this shitopia. Even worse than Milf Hunter.
"Hey baby gurrrr hahahahaha wanna like ga hahahaha like come ride with us? Hahahaha, dude, dude, dude!!"
-Dirty Sanchez
โดย Squid Wrangler 24 มีนาคม 2005
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A 'reality-porn' website where three guys (mainly D. Sanchez, but his real name is Greg Entner) around drive in a van and pick up random girls and fuck them. But the videos that they show aren't showing everything. Before that bitch gets in the van with the three guys, they actually tell the girl what she's in for, and that they'll pay her a shit load of money to pretend that it's not staged, and to be cooperative. They also first check to see if she is over the age of 18, and if shes got any STD's. Then the girl actually signs a legal contract saying that she has understood everything, and that she is willing to do this, and that she cannot change her mind. Then she is payed, and then 'legally' fucked. And then at the end, without the girl knowing, they actually do ditch her in the middle of nowhere, but she has been already payed.
bangbus is so fake, but wtf its porn
โดย aguynamedandy 09 ตุลาคม 2005
A "reality" porn website where two guys pretend to pick up random girls on the street and pay them to have sex in the back of a moving car.
Dude, I just saw your sister on Bang Bus!
โดย Dev 09 ธันวาคม 2003
A dauntingly stupid exploitation/reality porn site featuring two or so utterly insipid and useless individuals, driving around and "tricking" girls into having sex with them. Apparently the premise of the site is less about sex, but more about immature pranks and insults pulled by the man-childeren running the show. If this idea sounds appealing, my advice would be to rent yourself a van, drive on down the nearest lesbian rally, and swiftly erradicate yourself from the gene pool.
I have the IQ of a bowl of pudding, but man do I love the Bangbus!
โดย CreepyCrumb 20 พฤษภาคม 2005
Who gives a cow's ass whether it's staged, the bangbus is the fucking shit!!!!
Long live the bangbus!
โดย Klaatubaradanikto 30 กันยายน 2006
An idea created by a couple of jackasses who like to pretend they are getting strangers to fuck them, when in fact they're staging the whole thing.
The fags on the bangbus are really just sloppy cunts.
โดย REAL MAN 17 กันยายน 2003
A website that produces porn videos involving some guys going out to pick up chicks for a false purpose and then slowly urge them to have sex. Popular amongst rape fanatics, few people know that the thing is actually completely staged. Then they end up leaving the girl in a very remote place far away from home.
Why is it staged? Mainly because, doing anything like that is completely illegal, its practically kidnapping and almost rape. After all the 40-50 chicks they got you'd think of em would go to the police or something, the website is extremely popular and well known. None of the girls ever cry either, its like every single one of them is completely willing.
โดย Sanchez 05 ธันวาคม 2004

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