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Car manufactured by Nissan. Popular because of its good weight balance, relatively low curb weight, and RWD transmission. So named because it is powered by a 2.4-litre engine.
I totalled my 240sx last night; that sucks, I loved that car.
โดย Tyler Hauck 22 มกราคม 2004
A 240sx is a sports car, not a sports compact. Why? It's RWD not FWD. An Integra is a sports compact.

S13's came as coupes,hatches, and the super rare convertibles. Had either the pignose or chuki bumper.

S14's came as coupes only.First were the zenkis then the koukis.

The KA24DE might be weaksauce in stock form, but can make 500+ hp if tuned right. So all you of idiots who think the SR is the answer, think again. You tune a 240 properly, it can spank Supras RX7's, and yes your Camaros and Mustangs.

That 240sx blew that Camaro away! 9.222 at 115mph, that's something else! On a KA-T also! How awesome is that?
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โดย gahnhstjths 05 พฤศจิกายน 2006
Rear-wheel drive coupe from Nissan based on the S-Chassis used in the Japanese Silvia counterparts. The 1989-1994 240SX is known as the S13 generation (Although the coupe is really considered the S13 Silvia and the hatchback model is known as the 180SX / RPS13 and is not considered part of the Silvia line, despite being identical mechanically). The 1989 and 1990 model 240SX had a single-overhead cam engine (Code: KA24E), which didn't produce enough power and was replaced in 1991 with the dual-overhead cam KA24DE. The engine itself is a 2.4L 1-4 with 16 valves, and a fairly long piston throw. The engine is more commonly seen in truck applications, but it is fast none-the-less.

The 1995-1998 240SX is known as the S14 generation. It's mechanically pretty much the same. The S13 has slightly better CAM's from factory but it's hardly noticable. The S14 240SX only comes in a coupe form. The SE model has an advantage over all S13's in that it comes with a 5-lug wheel setup, meaning far larger aftermarket support for wheels.

The 240SX and it's Japanese SR20DET engine powered counterparts are renowned in the drifting world for their performance, thanks to excellent weight balance, fairly low curb weight and robust suspension system.
"Ugh what's with those 240SX, isn't it basically just like the stupid ricer Honda's but maybe a little sportier"

"Not even... 240SX is rear-wheel drive, it's in a whole different league"

"Oh damn.. Never would have guessed... I mean look at the Probe, the 3000GT... look like they should be RWD. Guess I havn't been giving the 240SX enough credit!"
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โดย Darren McInerney 03 สิงหาคม 2006
Nissan car that is very common in the drifting world.
Its front/rear weight balance makes it very reliable in drifting.
This car is very well made, but unfortunately it's production has been stopped, but Nissan has made a newer version of it as a concept car.
It is very modifiable, you can keep the stock engine or put in the SR20DET. Both of which are very well made.
The 1991 - 93 models have a stronger engine than the older models.
Long live the SX series
"What car do you want?"
"The 240sx"
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โดย Nismo 28 มีนาคม 2006
made by nissan the 240sx is a 2 door rear wheel sports car commonly used for drifting. japan specs use a sr20det engine which is turbo charged.
man did you see that 240sx at the car show today. That thing is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
โดย anhion 18 มีนาคม 2005
The best car ever... EVER...
friend #1 "hey what car are you driving these days?"
friend #2 "i am driving a 240sx, i just bought it"
friend #1 "holy shit-balls" *drops dead*
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โดย wheredidhego? 07 พฤศจิกายน 2010
an almighty force in the world that is oh so beautiful, the car is second to that of a silvia and nothing more! well... kinda?
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