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One of the most versitile and long lasting genre of music alive today. Disregarding some peoples beliefs, Ska makes itself individualised by its brass section, walking basslines and offbeat guitar chords. There were 3 waves of ska; Trad, 2 tone and 3rd wave but most bands today are 3rd wave caus its totally cool. It has derived from alot of influences, of which jazz, reggae, swing and punk would be the most prominant. Suits, big shades and dancin' shoes are usually worn at a ska concert.
"Man, Ska is totally cool! All other music bites serious ass compared to it!"
โดย Riley 31 กรกฎาคม 2003
The most insanley awsome, crazy, cool girl ever and good at naming backpacks.
Did I mention shes also beautiful.
That awsomely cool girl Cara named my backpack Nippy.
โดย Riley 19 ตุลาคม 2004
Throwing a ball at an opponent's testicles untill someone can't take the pain anymore.
Jackass Season 2
โดย Riley 24 เมษายน 2003
Sexiest, most talented artist out there. And a canadian talent who plays violin, viola, guitar, piano and sings! The envy of all men! The man every girl wants!
Dang that Kalan Porter is one major talented hottie!
โดย Riley 26 ธันวาคม 2004
(n) Imagine if the Stray Cats, the Ventures, the Kinks and Devo were galactic pioneers, and joined forces to defend earth"s right to "rocket roll". The Phenomenauts, hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, combine the sounds of pop, psychobilly, and rock-n- roll with a witty, Sci-Fi outer space theme. The band has just recorded their first full-length release, titled, "Rockets and Robots." In the studio, the quartet honed the technical aspects of their vision, and were able to encapsulate their zany energy into the finished product. The Phenomenauts are becoming infamous for their "commando-style" street performances, in which they set up in front of big venues such as the legendary Fillmore, and perform for the crowds leaving the show. They've hit every major venue in San Francisco, as well as numerous street fairs. Their most recent commando performance took place at the annual California Music Awards, where the band snuck in to the backstage VIP area and set up their battery-powered equipment. They played 3 songs before security asked them to stop, realizing they could not unplug them. They went on to join partygoers, many of whom expressed admiration for their bravery.

Commander Angel Nova,vocals/guitar; born in a space-hippy commune in the Oregon System, with strong moral fiber, a former Junior Space Patrol Cadet. He keeps a hollogram of his Mother nearby. A distinguished veteran of the Energy Wars and as born leader, he is especially suited for his command.

Major Jimmy Boom, drums; was forced to defend himself on a desert planet in the harsh climate of the Arizona System after his parents crashed their sand thruster. He was recovered and placed in the Phenomenauts Junior Space Patrol Acadamy. and he quickly rose in the ranks to become the youngest Major ever to pilot a class C Phenomabomber.

Captain Chreehos, stand-up bass; He is the strong, quiet type. His protective eyewear and bald head are a result of years of exposure to the full spectral radiation on his home planet in the Havian System.

Corporal Joe Bot vocals/guitar; was a child prodigy, he graduated from The Einstein Institute with a degree in Quantum Mechanics at the age of 12 at the top of his class. He was later involved in a freak accident while jumping on the bed where he lost the top part of his head to a ceiling fan.

Professor Greg Arius is a specialist in Bio-mechanics at The Einstein Institute and an anti-ceiling fan activist. He worked around the clock to invent the first working Therimatic Helmerator. The device , although still a prototype, has saved the mortality of his star pupil Corp. JoeBot.

Cadet Orbit, the highly trained and super intelegent security and trick specialist.

The Phenomenauts set the tone for a rising subculture of fans who want less cynicism and more celebration. They have also engineered their own line of Phenoma-gadgets. The streamerator, a tricked-out leaf blower, blasts a whole roll of toilet paper out into the crowd in a few seconds. They have also customized their own Phenoma-vehicles, bringing their space image to the streets. The Phenoma-Bomber, more space ship than 83 Dodge van, is accompanied by the Phenomenator, the smaller scout ship that features rocket fins and dual-quad thrusters.
Guy 1: "Are you going to The Phenomenauts show tonight?"

Guy 2: "Yes."
โดย Riley 20 กรกฎาคม 2004
fishhooking is when ones index finger is placed inside another persons mouth and then the first person pulls very hard causing pain for the second person.
Man last night i fishhooked my homie so bad that his mouth started bleeding
โดย riley 10 กรกฎาคม 2004
n. A person of ambiguous sexual preference, but likes to hang out with sweaty men, and get paid to do so. Likes to collect dust bunnies and cat dander. Pink.
Man, those guys kissing are Cunk Nuggle.
โดย Riley 24 พฤศจิกายน 2004

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