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someone who leeches off new popularity. may actually like the stuff, (like mcr when loads of people liked the black parade) but wears and listens to other things because people wear or listen to it.
they may actually be emo, but because they like mcr they think they have to wear stuff that they wouldn't wear anyway
there are real emos but loads are just kids who wanna be emo beacause they think there better than non emos because they think theyve herd something new that know else has heard.
poser1: o my god! heard the new mcr song? it the best one of the album.
poser3: do ya know them studded belts? im gonna get one because gerrard was wearin one.
poser 4: them emo sk8er bois over there are so cute. i love emo bois with side fringes and hoodies!
normal person: i dont like mcr but atleast i know enought to say they have 3 albums apart from you posers who just think the black parade is there first one.
โดย bigsoapbar 03 พฤศจิกายน 2007
people think mcr made the emo revolution.
others think they got a load of posers to screw up the music scene. I dont have a problem with the real fans ( i liked three cheers myself)but i hate emo posers who since welcome to the black parade think there great and better than normal people.
real fan1: thanks for the venom is my fave song but overall i like three cheers the best
real fan2: i like i brought you my bullets. after the black parade they got loads of posers liking emo.
poser1: Black parade! Black parade! omg! Black Parade! Gerrard! My chemical romance! OMG!
poser2: omg! emo bois are cute i luv side fringes!
poser3: you know them studded bracelets im gonna get one coz itll make me look cool and emo
โดย bigsoapbar 03 พฤศจิกายน 2007

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