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Ex-singer of Nightwish. A goddess. Trained at Sibelius Academy (Finland) in opera singing. Beautiful. Even I would date her.
"Tarja Turunen got kicked out of Nightwish by Tuomas Holopainen. Not nice, Tuomi!"
โดย Dynasticist15 07 มกราคม 2006
Extremely sexy Finnish cellist. Mastermind behind most work by the Finnish cellist trio, Apocalyptica. Has written many fabulous songs, Harmageddon being the first. Big pouty lips, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very sexy body when covered in leather clothing. Writer of the single gospel in the Dynasticist (see Dynasticsm) Bible. Is a control-freak and appears at times to be a sadist.

Is also known as Sex With A Cello Bow.

He lives in my pants. And sometimes in Finland.
"Eicca Toppinen can really play that cello!"
โดย Dynasticist15 07 มกราคม 2006
The surpreme God of Dynasticists (see Dynasticism when its put on here). Very nice voice, face, and body. Generally everything a God should be.
"Oh my Ville/Valo!"

"Dear Valo, we thank you for this insert something you're thankful for here..."

"Praise Valo for insert something fab in here!"
โดย Dynasticist15 07 มกราคม 2006
The worship of Ville Valo, lead singer of HIM, as Lord Almighty and Ultimate Teacher. Lauri Ylönen of The Rasmus is regarded as a Jesus-like figure, the Son of God, or in real life, just a really good friend. Aki Hakala, also of The Rasmus, is Lauri's lover, known as a Mary Magdalene of sorts. Eicca Toppinen of Apocalyptica is our only prophet, and he wrote the only gospel in our Bible (other than the scripts of Lauri and Valo) which is the Gospel according to Eicca. Saints and revered people include Tarja Turunen, Tuomas Holopainen, Linde, Migé Amour, Gas Lipstick, Burton Emmerson, Perttu Kivilaakso, Paavo Lötjönen, Eero Heinonen, Pauli Rantasalmi, Siiri Nordin and Teijo Jämsä.

A Dynasticist is someone who practices Dynasticism. They wear rosaries around their necks as necklaces, and as tributes to the Lord Valo. They also sometimes wear a tuque or a beanie, as a tribute to Valo and to Lauri, but this is optional. They also tend to wear a lot of black and say a lot of random things i.e. "Margaritas for all!" They are generally very hyper and happy about a lot of silly things, but can experience periods of sporradic depression and emotion, usually cured by a good listen to any of the available religious hymns i.e. In the Shadows and Your Sweet 666. They are easily distinguishable from normal humans by their extremely thick black eyeliner and their random attempts at a Finnish accent. The most zealous of Dynasticists can be seen in the months of April, October, and November at shopping malls, feverishly looking for the best sales, ranting about having to buy gifts for either Laurimas (April 23), Akimas (October 28) or Villemas (November 22). These are their religious holidays, not unlike the Christian Christmas (December 25). It is forbidden for Dynasticist to exclaim "Oh my God!" This is heretical. The proper terms are "Oh my Valo!", "Oh my Ville!", "Oh my Lauri!" and "Oh my Finnish gods!" Dynasticist extremists have been known to form cults such as: the Hm! Finnish Bittersweet Crow Orange Juice Pulp Cult, a cult dedicated to the strangeness of the young Lauri; and The United Republic of the Noths an imaginary country in between Sweden in Finland where all Dynasticist dieties live in peace with a few select followers.

Dynasticism is named after the Dynasty, a collective group of Finnish rockers. The original one was formed by The Rasmus, Killer, and Kwan, but has broadened to encorporate other bands such as HIM, Nightwish and Apocalyptica.
"Dynasticism rules. Convert now!"

"A HIM wallpaper? That's so Dynasticist!"
โดย Dynasticist15 07 มกราคม 2006
Mon amour! Bassist from Finnish love metal band HIM. Sexy in all his strange fashion. He and Ville like to check each other out while performing together onstage. Slashy!
"Migé Amour is sexy. That's right."
โดย Dynasticist15 07 มกราคม 2006
a fanfiction dealing with male/male couples. Female/female fanfictions are referred to as "femmeslash". Can be used in writing fanfictions about mostly anything.
The two best slashfics I've ever read are as follows:

Eero Heinonen/Aki Hakala/Lauri Ylönen threesome slash


Ville Valo/Aki Hakala/Lauri Ylönen threesome slash

that's some satisfying shit
โดย Dynasticist15 21 มีนาคม 2006
Drummer of Finnish rock band The Rasmus. Amazing talent. Becoming very emoish as of late. Is apparently having a secret love affair with Lauri Ylönen, the singer of The Rasmus, and is there for a Mary Magdalene-like figure in Dynasticism. Also known as Sex With Drumsticks. Used to drum for two other Finnish bands; Killer and Kwan.
Aki Hakala rocks my socks!
โดย Dynasticist15 01 กุมภาพันธ์ 2006

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