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Self Concept; the persons own definition or idea of his or her own self worth - value and capability of the individual - in relation to the external world surrounding the individual. A person can have a big ego and have an idea of his or her worth where it is bigger than what the external world reflects; and therefore become depressed when the world refuses to mirror the persons self concept; this is also related to narcissism (NPD) where a 'narcissist' is the same thing as a person with an overinflated - but still weak - ego.

A big - inflated - ego is not the same thing as a -strong- ego; where a strong ego is more about exterminating false ideas of ones self the person is born with; which contains ideas of omnipotence and other mythological concepts we openly culturally only accept in 'gods' or superheroes but is still available as a subconcious self-concept among people with weak yet inflated egos; where accepting the lack of realism among these over-inflated traits and therefore discarding them as available in oneself (and others) and accepting weaknesses and flaws as a respectable - unavoidable; occuring in all individuals - part of the personality; thus removing insecurities and fears of loss of value since the person understands he has no value or traits that makes him or her superior to other to begin with. And therefore can't lose value in displays that demonstrates he or her lacks superior traits.
Western feminist women have inflated; yet extremely weak egos; which they protect by projecting all traits that threaten their image and imagined greatness as a gender towards men.

Making western men appear as sexist primitive pigs unable to reason rationally and take control over their sex-drive; while actually that is a defining trait of women as a gender.
โดย Creger 26 พฤษภาคม 2013
An individual with the same mentality as the goverment in the country he or she lives in; or in general the shape and behaviour of institutions of control and power aroung the world regardless of what 'flag' they present themselves with as religions, nations or 'unions' - makes his/hers own rules and concepts of right or wrong instead of accepting what the institution of control the individual lives under presents as behaviour he or she must follow.

Allt the traits associated with 'sociopaths' are accepted and always present in goverments or successful companies; but in individuals we can afford to despise and fear them with these traits since they are individuals and not a network that can be defined as an identifiable 'object' ; while with goverments we handle it by developing stockholm syndrome and telling ourselves the goverment is on our side. Often projecting the traits of goverment institutions on people psychiatry call 'Antisocial'; making criminals personilize the 'essence' of the system in control - as a way of escaping our real situation as it is in the 'civilized' world.
Hank is a sociopath in prison for trying to take control over his enviroment by force; therefore his goverment takes control over Hank via force thus manifesting the essence of the exact same drive.
โดย Creger 29 พฤษภาคม 2013

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