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Ghirahim (ギラヒム Girahimu?) is one of the two main antagonists of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He is a white-haired humanoid being with a long tongue, and wears flamboyant clothing covered in diamond patterns. He is the lord of the demons who begin to plague The Surface during the events of the game. He is actively hunting Zelda, and is able to detect her presence. At first, he cares little for whether Link lives or dies, though he becomes increasingly frustrated by Link's interference with his plans.
At first glance, Demon Lord Ghirahim appears to be calm, confident, and collected, although very flamboyant. He often acts gentlemanly, speaking eloquently and formally introducing himself to Link. He even shows a slight sense of sportsmanship at the beginning, promising not to murder Link, as it would be unfair. He also exhibits traits of narcissism, which are especially evident in his second fight with Link. He has little concept of personal space, as he seems to relish invading Link's. He also has a flair for the dramatic, and enjoys using broad gestures.

However, beneath his calm exterior is a violent and sadistic psychopath. As the story progresses, his composure progressively shatters, and his mannerisms and speech become more melodramatic, colorful, and violent. At his core, Ghirahim is merciless, and enjoys bloodshed. He appears to enjoy mocking his victims, shown by insulting Groose before kicking him out the way. His violent personality shows quite graphically in the way he frequently licks his lips during a fight, and even licks the blade of his sword after landing a hit on Link during their second battle. Ghirahim frequently loses himself to uncontrollable rage, easily finding excuses to take his anger out on Link. He also enjoys intimidating and toying with his victims, frequently teleporting behind Link during battle, and making colorful threats, such as promising not to kill him but rather beat him within an inch of his life.
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- To get the life beat out of.
R- Truth: Remember, crap is crap...and tonight, crap is gonna get got!
โดย Awesome Truth 04 เมษายน 2012

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